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Derby; Nottingham; Birmingham; Manchester; London; Milton Keynes, Stoke, Sheffield



Simon M. Abbott (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1984/11

Qualification: BA

Charles J. Darby (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1986/09

Qualification: LL.B

Julian M. Middleton (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1989/10

Qualification: MA, LL.M

Jane T. Williams (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1992/11

Qualification: LL.B

Simon Baigent (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1993/04

Qualification: LL.B

Richard M. Osborn (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1997/09

Qualification: LL.B

Rena Magdani (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1996/09

Qualification: LL.B

Mary B. Mackintosh (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1999/09

Qualification: B.Sc

Sophie Philippon-Thomas (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1992/09

Qualification: LFP (Paris)

Mukesh J. Patel (Ptnr)

Date of call: 1993/11

Qualification: BA

Lisa Gilligan (Snr Assoc)

Date of call: 1997/10

Qualification: BA

Sam Pancholi (Snr Assoc)

Date of call: 2000/09

Qualification: LL.B

Rita B. Patel (Assoc)

Date of call: 1997/04

Qualification: BA

Harjit Saund (Assoc)

Date of call: 2004/09

Qualification: LL.B

Annalisa J. Fraser-Cattenach (Assoc)

Date of call: 2007/06

Qualification: BA

Emma Batten (Sol)

Date of call: 2009

Fiona E. Powell (Sol)

Date of call: 2007/09

Robert G. Rowley (Conslt)

Date of call: 1973/07

Qualification: LL.B (Lond)